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THE Only System Designed to Learn Enterprise-Scale Data Science in Less Than 3 Months



What if you could learn what it takes to build complete enterprise-ready data science solutions in just a few weeks?


What I Mean Is…


What if you could learn the framework required to be able to land your first data science job


What if you could learn the framework for building your first data science product?


A framework that launches you from a data scientist to a data science solutionist?


If you are looking to understand how data science solutions work, not just how models are trained, then I have something for you:


The Incubator by FastDataScience.Ai is a virtual project-based data science experience designed to help aspiring data scientists and data science entrepreneurs learn a framework for applying the tools of data science in less than 3 months so they can create solutions that build wealth in their careers and businesses.

Learning data science is a complex endeavor. As a result, people often get confused when trying to figure out where data science fits into the business context. Most online courses focus on the technical aspects but fail to teach end-to-end, business-ready solutions. If solutions are like legos and data science skills are the pieces, then this course is the guide book for putting the pieces together for businesses.

In this course, we will follow my DS2A framework (Data Science Simplified Architecture), a repeatable approach for solving most business problems with data science. Bring your own idea or follow along as we complete a real-world business project that takes you from ideation, to data discovery and storage, to model training, and deployments. Along the way we will discover core concepts and where they fall in the DS2A framework, while remaining focused on learning only the key pieces required to build our solution.

So Who Am I?

My name is Brandon Cosley, and I am a seasoned data science developer, leader, and thought influencer in the space who helps people who love data to transform their skills with the tools and capabilities of data science more quickly so that they can spend less time getting confused and more time staying focused on building solutions. I transformed my career nearly 15 years ago and want to share what I have learned to help you transform with data science as well. 

I have worked with, hired, and mentored hundreds of students as an academic for universities, as a developer for data science teams, and as a leader for data science organizations. I have given talks all over the world (though Shanghai was one of my favorite spots so far) and I often sit on leadership panels with other data science leaders at Fortune 100 companies. 

I have helped data science startups to reach 7 figures in revenue and investments, have built enterprise Ai strategy and grown teams to support that strategy, and remain relevant with modern technology by continuing to experiment with my own portfolio projects. 


But Don't Take It From Me,

Here Are What My First Students Had to Say...

Business Value

“This course is outstanding. It is rooted in what works and in business value. I highly recommend it.”

  • Joe Noonan

End-to-End Support

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn data science in a fast pace and Project end to end completion method. I personally like to learn any tech that way. Brandon took time clear all my little to big questions, took time to go back and explain things, knowing I came from a non data science background. I can now confidently say that I know what is Data Science and what is Machine Learning. I hope to do more project based courses as this. Thank you Brandon for the great course.”

  • Sujith John


“So you’re a newly educated data scientist that wants to drive value somewhere, but you didn’t learn how to work within an organization with goals, resources and infrastructure? How do you know what you are building can actually be deployed and will be useful to the goals? Does this sound familiar to you? I wouldn’t be surprised. Brandon has seen this huge gap as a leader in organizational data science and has designed the perfect, short-term education experience to help. I highly recommend The Incubator to expand your creativitysolutioning abilities, and become a data professional that can actually hit the ground running. The course will help you build your very own deployable solution to industry standards. The sessions are engaging and the instruction is approachable, accessible and most importantly helpful. The content is carefully curated from highly current real world experience to offer inside industry guidance. Please check it out if you are feeling like your portfolio is a little lackluster, if you want to start your own endeavor or if you want to be more valuable candidate for a new role in Machine Learning.”

  • Lindsey Robertson

Who Is This Course For?

Students of Data Science

Data Science Entrepreneurs


What's Inside?